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Our Story

2020 saw drastic changes to the lives of many and for four native Somerset men, this led to the creation of the county distillery. Our initial goal was to produce a London Dry Gin, nothing too complex yet with a determined focus on quality.

We are four friends and one rat, who have literally built our distillery over time, lockdowns and interspersed with our other work where possible. We are longer in the tooth and wiser for it and have never been afraid of change or hard work. We are all different, with interwoven skills and our focus on quality is the common goal.

The guvnor

Keeping us in check is our silent partner and brand guardian, Rusty the rat.

He found us at the beginning of our story and insisted on being on the bottle.



Steve has built several flourishing businesses in food and drink retailing and hospitality, but in 2020 he was looking for a new challenge and is the original driving force behind The Somerset Distillery.

Now, with three trusted and skilled partners on board and our fabulous new London Dry Gin rolling off the production line, Steve is taking the lead in developing our customer base and reputation for excellence out in the marketplace. We’re looking to work closely with retailers, hospitality venues and events across Somerset and beyond!


Product development

With a successful career as a chef, restauranteur and consultant , Simon jumped at the chance to build another thriving business from the bottom up, and the idea of creating a brand new gin was irresistible! 

Like in the culinary world, there is a certain alchemy with distilling. Science, art and efficiency meet. He has taken the lead on the development of the spirits and along with Dave, creating and producing our fantastic launch product, London Dry Gin. They are proud of what they’ve done, and we think you’ll love it as much as we do.



Having left a 9 to 5 job in 2018, Dave was able to capitalise on his practical background and creative flair by helping to design and construct the interior at the distillery in Backwell. Starting with an empty building and completing the build to create a fully functioning distillery incorporating the all important tasting area! Dave and Simon worked through a wide range of trial distillations, tasted extensively by our team to develop the perfect blend for the first product, our London Dry Gin. Going forward, Dave will be looking after production and working closely with Simon on product development.


Accounts and sales

After an early career in the music business in London and Los Angles, Allan owned and operated a successful live music bar, which gave him his first taste of hospitality. He then moved to the beverage team with Hilton Hotels in Phoenix Arizona, where he became corporate Director. Coming to England, he and Steve built a successful company in the fresh fish and game business. From there it was a natural move to put their shared experience into our exciting new venture, and Allan’s senior experience in the beverage industry is proving invaluable as we develop the Somerset Distillery brand. 

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