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Our Gin

We were aiming for extra dimensions to clearly set our small batch, craft gin apart from others. 

Rather than rely on our choice of botanicals for the flavours, we made a determined effort to utilise the essence found with certain alcohols that are produced during distillation.

The result, as you will find, is a clean, juniper led London dry gin, that is balanced throughout the slurp yet lingers smoothly with a slight aniseed, angelica and modest citrus finish. 

The process

There has been little change to distilling methods since the early 19th century and by using traditional skills with technology and research of the 21st century, our small batch production distillery has broken some rules to enhance flavour, consistency and quality. We cannot compete with big alcohol on price, but we can on flavour and that is what this is all about.


Time, temperature, vapour and power are the parameters. Interpreting these is the distillers job. It takes time to accomplish and then to replicate.


Understanding how each botanical and herb reacts during the distilling process is key. We source our botanicals from the best and will utilise the ‘native fruits’ of Somerset wherever possible and practical.


Our still is square, quite unique and efficient. It utilises silicon and even has an air pressure sensor to manage climatic fluctuations. We love it.


The alcohol, botanical oils and water need to become one. It’s quite zen. It takes time. We allow five weeks as a minimum in an inert, air tight container before bottling.

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